Kitten nursery 60 cm. wide


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Which handles do you want on your whelping box?

mother cat opening

The front of the whelping box has a large opening through which the mother cat can pass when the whelping box is completely closed.

Mother cat opening closing by using plexiglass slide

Mother cat opening can be closed by means of a plexiglass slide. The bottom is to keep the kittens inside. If you close below and above, the mother cat can no longer enter or exit. If you have a mother cat who would like to go dragging the kittens, this can be a solution. Note that the mother cat must be able to go outside regularly. Locking out the mother cat is useful if there is a kitten hatch in it and the kittens can enter kitten food or on the kitten litter box from 4 weeks. The mother cat cannot reach it.

kitten hatch

At 3.5 weeks a kitten can walk in and out of the whelping box independently through a kitten flap. You can close the hatch yourself with the Plexiglass slide

Foam mat 3 cm. thick (cover yourself)

Exactly a foam mat for the whelping box. Make the covering yourself and then he can last for years. The mat is 3 cm thick foam, not too hard and not too soft.

Plug opening

An opening for an electric mat to keep the kittens warm at the rear.



The photos are of a 60 cm whelping box. wide.

Plywood, plexiglass and magnet closure, pin hinges. The pin can be removed from the hinge so that you can remove the valve from the front and both valves on the top.

Do not use a heat lamp but an electric cushion. An example Inventum HKN18 Electric cushion. There are different finishes. So have a look at Inventum on the website which you like best and click on Dealers to compare which is the cheapest. Our whelping boxes are calculated on this size of electric cushions and the length of the pillow is our depth of the whelping box and fits perfectly into it. The mother cat can easily lie next to it if she finds it too hot. You only use such a pillow in the first couple after birth. It is best to look for a space where the whelping box can stand with a pleasant room temperature and as little circulating air as possible.

Before delivery
Place the whelping box in the room so that the mother cat can get used to the whelping box, maybe she will go to sleep in the box already.
Place the kitten box on the dining table. Place the mother cat in the whelping box and grab a dining room chair for yourself and stay with the mother cat during the delivery. Fold the lid and the front in half / open. The mother cat stays in the whelping box and you can help her well with the delivery and reassure. After the delivery
Place the whelping box in a very quiet place somewhere in the house where you yourself think that the mother cat will not be dumped and therefore will not drag the kittens. If she still wants to go towing, hang a small towel in front of the mother flap so that it is pleasantly dark in the whelping box. You can clamp the towel using the lid. The first 2/3 weeks
The kittens grow up slowly in the whelping box and mother cat stays with the kittens almost all day.Week 3 and 4
The kittens start walking and become curious and want to get out of the whelping box slowly. The large mother cat / round opening is interesting and the kittens will regularly stick their heads out. Sometimes the kittens can climb outside but cannot climb back and they don’t know how to find their way back. You can now close the mother cat opening if you want. This is possible with a transparent half plexiglass hatch which you can slide on the inside for the mother cat opening. The mother cat can still go in and out. You can also open the small kitten flap and the kittens can walk outside and inside through the round openings. Keep in mind if the kittens have already realized that they can also go back in the whelping box. If this does not work yet, it is just a little too early to view the world outside the whelping box.

Week 4 and 6
The kittens play outside the kitten box and sleep inside the whelping box.

From week 6
The kittens play outside the whelping box and you probably have put a rug outside the whelping box, so they also sleep outside the whelping box. The whelping box can now be transformed into a feeding box or kitten litter box. You can place the food and water for the kittens in the whelping box, but you can also place a litter box in it. You can now close the mother female hatch if you want to. This is possible with a transparent Plexiglas hatch which you can slide on the inside for the mother cat opening at the top. No dog or mother cat can reach the kitten food or kitten litter box anymore.

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