Kittenhome values great partners

We regularly notice that there are questions from abroad. We are expanding Kittenhome worldwide and this is a great opportunity for potential partners to participate in Kittenhome. Join us if you meet the criteria below.

We are looking for partners with:

  • You like cats.
  • Certified furniture makers or you are a real woodworking enthusiast with an eye for detail and materials
  • The ability to invest in the start-up of the collaboration.
  • It helps if you have a CNC milling cutter.
  • A small workshop with the right equipment without staff.
  • Social ability to empathize with the passion of the customers.
  • You can do this in your spare time next to your regular job.
  • The administration, advertising, sales and the first customer contact remains in our hands.
  • We are looking for partners for several countries, but specifically for multiple partners in America, Australia, England and Ireland.
  • We believe is word of mouth from our customers because our products are sustainable and are made with a lot of passion. We listen to our customers. Any impossibility is an opportunity to improve and get input now.
  • All Kittenhome furniture is made by one woman. She believes in the power of women in technology. So are you that woman and you have doubts about your options. Then just send us a message.
To become a partner, we go through a number of tasks:
Task 1: Make a mini version of our products so that we can see that you have all the skills and the right knowledge of materials.
Task 2: come up with a new product and show your other skills.

If you feel like there is a match, are you ready to contact us for a partnership discussion!