We are Iris and Leon and live in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. When Iris went to church in Kerkrade to live with Leon, we got our first litter of kittens. The British Shorthair was very nice and of course they were blue in color. But since Iris graduated Meubelmaker (now a teacher of mathematics for vocational training) and Léon has a technical profession, they began to find solutions to the problems of loose kittens, nails in the bank and kittens born in wrong places at home.

The first kitten visit then thought we had a couveuse in the living room. The above picture is a 1.2 meter long box on a wheeled chassis. With a ferret tunnel, the kittens can walk down and play within the fence. It was super great, but huge. Experience with getting kittens teaches us what is practical and not practical.

We've seen all kinds of products from other people over and we still see the most awkward solutions in terms of size, finish and material choice. Something may look nice but it does not have to be functional yet. MDF or scaffolding for a delivery box, humm I'm not happy about it, but of piano hinges in MDF at all. For example, in 2003, a company sold a 1 x 1 meter box and 40 cm high. The mother can not resist the wall, the delivery box is far too big, and it's not too practical for your own body. So we have made an ergonomic delivery box and this can put you on a chassis so you can do it without bending. The mother likes this too, because she is high and safe from all other cats.

Léon now has its own machine-building company and in the business premises, Kittenhome orders are still made in free hours, because Kittenhome is and remains a hobby of us. We do it because we like it and every year we think something new or change the design.

Have fun looking around and maybe you're inspired to go home or maybe we can make you happy with our kitten or delivery box.