Regularly we get the quote to make a quote. We do not offer bids, you can place all items in the shopping cart, then you will see the price immediately.


We expect you to pay a 50% deposit before we begin your order. The remaining 50% we expect for shipment of your order.

Problems with the website

It happens that the different Laptop operating systems, tablets, mobiles do not show our website well. Try on a laptop with Windows, then the website will be good to use.


If you have any questions, you can just order, placing an order is valid as a quotation. The order is only final after (on) payment. You will also be given the opportunity to post a comment / question, we will respond to this by mail or processing it is the order immediately. For a more specific question, we will call you. Or send an e-mail to info@kittenhome.nl

Painted with Flexa

The panels can be painted. The default color is broken white. If you want a different color, you can choose a color from RAL colors and pass it on to us. RAL color is a global standard color code for a color. For another RAL color of the panels we charge € 15, - extra on top of the total order with panels.


The panels are supplied with folio on the flexiglas. The wood / plywood is sanded and ready to be treated. They can be treated with different materials: paint, white-wash, beeswax, oil, lacquer and beets. Then you can cut the folio with a stanlezy and remove the folio. For this purpose, place the stanleyse perpendicular to the plexiglas and cut around. You may take some strength, then let go well. Do not cut it well, then you'll see afterwards pieces of foil and you do not want to. Toddler a corner and you can remove the foil. The foil is on two sides. One side is green or blue and the other side in transparent mat.

Slider throwing box

We advise to attach the sliders as shown on the picture with a hammer after painting the box at each corner at the bottom. The box will remain beautiful and the floor can not be damaged.

to pick up

This can be found in Kerkrade in South Limburg. You have of course made an appointment with us that your stuff is ready for you. Pick up can be 7 days a week between 8:30 AM and 23:00 PM and also on public holidays.



We deliver everything registered with Post.nl. So someone has to be present when the package is delivered. We can deliver in many countries. In the program you can only click Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, if you want to send it to another country send us an email.


Shipping costs

The Kittenbox can be picked up or delivered. We deliver with Post.nl. The kitten box is exclusive of shipping. The kitten box can be sent as a 10 -30 kilogram packed package. The weight is around 20 kilos.

The kitten panels can be picked up or delivered. We deliver with Post.nl. The kitten panels are exclusive of shipping. The kitten panels can be shipped as package 5-6 panels weigh less than 30 kilos = 1 package. If the weight exceeds 30 kilos then a second package will be created. The program calculated the shipping automatically.

Once you have the items in the shopping cart and click on the order you can see how much the shipping costs are.

Delivery time

When do you order a pitcher or kitten? Usually if you need him. Hence, almost every order is an urgent order. But unfortunately we have no stock because everyone has other wishes and just wants something else or need other numbers. Below are the possibilities and explanations.

Kittenhome articles we make in our free time. in addition to our daily work. This is the job for the weekend. Delivery time depends on our private calendar, the amount of orders to be made and the stock of the materials.

Delivery time - Unpainted

Often we manage to finish within 1 week of everything. But this is on our agenda. In spring, many kittens are born and can take 2 weeks or 3 weeks.

Delivery time - Wax

Wax has a beautiful lime-like appearance. If you want to paint the paint but still deliver quickly, you can choose wax, delivery time remains the same as unpainted. Painting smells a few more weeks. A box that painted you and urgently receives it for immediate use, that does not work. Then wax is the best solution.

Delivery time - Painted

Painted 3 to 6 weeks.