Data delivery box

The wide is


Before delivery

Place the delivery box in the room so that the motherpox can get used to the wurfkiste, maybe she is already sleeping in the box.

During childbirth

Place the delivery box on the dining table. Put the mother in the delivery box and take a dining chair for yourself and stay at the mother's pussy while giving birth. Fold the lid and front double / open. The mother's pussy is in the delivery box and you can help her well with the delivery and rest assured.

After birth

Place the delivery box in a very quiet place somewhere in which you think the mother's pussy is not dumped and so does not drag the kittens. If they want to drag them, hang on for the mother's pussy hatch a small towel so that it's pleasantly dark in the wurfkist. The towel can be clamped using the lid.

The first 2/3 weeks

The kittens slowly grow up in the litter box and mom's pussy stays close to the kittens almost all day.

Week 3 and 4

The kittens start to run and become curious and want to slowly get out of the delivery box. The big mother's pussy / round opening is interesting and the kittens will regularly put their head out. Sometimes the kittens can climb outside but can not climb back and do not know how to find their way back. The mother's pussy opening can now be closed if you want to. This can be done with a transparent semi-plexiglass hatch which you can slide inside for the mother's pussy opening. The mom's pussy can still be inside and out. In addition, you can open the small kitten lid and the kittens can walk outside and inside the round openings themselves. Keep in mind whether the kittens have already passed that they can also return in the delivery box. If not yet, it's just too early to see the world outside of the delivery box.